What are the Benefits?


  • Connects deeply with the self and others
  • Cultivates essential life skills and universal human values

  • Removes narcissism and cultivates self-esteem
  • Develops ability to focus and concentrate
  • Brings integrity of thought and action
  • Promotes physical, energetic, mental and spiritual health
  • Develops various lines of intelligence


  • Improve lifestyle of self as well as of others
  • Create a Circle of Influence with positive impact

  • Gift health and happiness to your near & dear ones
  • Own a Behtar Life Studio at home or neighborhood
  • Start a Behtar Life Club in your institution
  • Earn a livelihood & augment your income


  • Connect with a large base of Behtar Life club-members
  • Engage members with attractive multimedia experience

  • Reach constituency through a continous multimodal contact
  • Provide impact to your social responsibility programs
  • Help change lives locally and around the world
  • Bring about culture and behavior change in scale