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Join as a Member

Behtar Life is a program dedicated to the personal and professional development of mankind. Now, you can become a lifetime member and receive various benefits.

  •  Benefits as a member:
    •  Connects deeply with the self and others
    •  Cultivates essential life skills and universal human values
    •  Removes narcissism and cultivates self-esteem
    •  Develops ability to focus and concentrate
    •  Promotesphysical, energetic, mental and spiritual health
    •  Develops various lines of intelligence

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Sponsor a Cause

Behtar Life is committed towards bringing a behavior and culture change in seven areas.

  •  Our Causes
    •  Transforming Education
    •  Transcending Consumerism
    •  Preventing Diseases
    •  InculcatingCivic Sense
    •  Promoting Skills

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Start a Club/Studio

Become a Behtar Life Partner by starting your own Club/Studio.

Behtar Life Clubs

These are for larger communities with 750 – 2500 members.
You can set up a Behtar Life Club for your school, office, college housing society etc.

Behtar Life Studios

This is a more intimate setting with lesser number of people ranging from 5 to 15 members.
You can set up a Behtar Studio at your home, gym, cafes etc.

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