Behtar Life is promoting essential Life-skills for a better self and a better world… The topics are broadly divided in 6 categories.

Communication & Relationship

Explore the language of ‘satmangalmay bhasha’…. Move from misunderstanding and difficult relationships to deep bonding and easy bonhomie

    •  Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
    •  Listening Skills
    •  Presentability and Etiquettes
    •  Leadership and Followership
    •  Decision Making
    •  Problem solving
    •  Cultivating a sense of humour

Systems & Processes

Learn the importance of sanskars (SOPs) to smoothly navigate through life…Establish niyam (rules) and saiyam (self-discipline) to remove unpredictability and get organised

    •  Project Management
    •  Self Discipline
    •  Time Management
    •  Planning
    •  Obeying Rules
    •  Being Organized
    •  Creativity on demand

Teamwork & Environment

Align with the forces of nature by re-establishing our sacred link with the ecosystem…Use a self-mastery tool kit to realize a new meaning of teamwork

    •  Managing Relationships
    •  Develop cultural values and inclusiveness
    •  Understand and develop Societal values
    •  Cultivate Diversity
    •  Build Understanding
    •  Entrepreneurship and Employment
    •  Creativity on demand
    •  Ecology and Environment:
      • Population
      • # Eco -system
      • # Food chain and Food Web
      • # Biodiversity

Dealing with the 21st century

Realize the eternal might of trans-consumerism, where less is more… Harness time-tested techniques to face the challenges of a post-modern tech-centric world

  •  Consumption v/s Conservation:
    •  Smart consumption
    •  Trans-consumerism

    •  Technology literacy
    •  Local to Global citizen
    •  Importance of history
    •  Celebrating the present
    •  Lifelong Pursuit of Excellence and Perfection
    •  Integration of Personal and Professional
    •  Enlightened Livelihood


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